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Family Tree Care — Digital Marketing Case Study

3 Steps to Double Your Leads and Ditch HomeAdvisor

Family Tree Care in Tacoma, WA is a certified tree care company that specializes in removing, saving and pruning trees on homeowners’ properties. Family Tree had been advertising with HomeAdvisor for some time, often paying $30 for a single lead (these leads were also shared with other HomeAdvisor businesses, making it even more difficult to close deals with homeowners.) Fantastic Digital created new Adwords and Facebook advertisements that allowed Family Tree Care to get their own leads for a far cheaper price than HomeAdvisor offers, optimizing Family Tree Care’s marketing budget and helping their website’s SEO in the process.

Our Strategy

Analyze Google and Facebook Data > Create Landing Page + Matching Facebook & Google Ads > Target Ad to Homeowners in Pierce County > Get Direct Leads for Half the Price > Contact Homeowners and Close Leads

How It Worked


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