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Recruit New Members and Enhance Your Club



How could they reach out to prospective members without sacrificing the special exclusivity of Meridian Valley's beautiful golf course, clubhouse and membership?

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Our Approach

We decided to use Facebook as our primary advertising channel in order to better target individuals, who are most likely to meet our client's membership criteria. Our 3-step plan was to 1) define the ideal audience of Facebook users to advertise to, 2) drive traffic to Meridian's website from Facebook, 3) make it as easy and persuasive as possible for visitors to sign  up.

1. Define the ideal audience

Facebook gives us many options to filter and segment an audience. We defined two audiences, whom we targeted with different ads. Audience group 1 was what we referred to as our "New Neighbors". These were families, who recently moved to the area (and YES, Facebook allows us to target those individuals). Audience group 2 were are "Golf Enthusiasts", whom we targeted based on their strong interest in the sport. In both cases we were also able to set income requirements given that the membership would likely only be of interest for families with higher level incomes.


2. Design & Develop Ad Campaign

Once the target audiences were defined we designed and developed multiple ads, which we put through rigorous testing. We know that regardless how nicely designed we think an ad is, it comes down to how our audience responds to it. Some of the ads resulted in up to 70% better engagement results than others! Testing is key!


3. Launch Site Landing Page and Generate Leads

Our clients website was unfortunately not optimized for mobile, but that didn't stop us. We created a series of landing pages, which were mobile optimized in addition to the existing site. The look and feel was similar to the existing site, but we know that if you want to convert from Facebook, you need to convert on Mobile. It was absolutely critical to have a mobile optimized landing page and this hybrid approach of leaving the existing site as was and adding additional landing pages for our campaign kept the cost down, while still optimizing the campaign for lead conversions.


The Results

There was great response from both of our target audiences. The "New Neighbors" audience was not as large as our "Golf Enthusiast" audience. However, we were able to attract leads from both audiences and use this campaign successfully to promote memberships without sacrificing the exclusivity of the country club.

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