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Double Leads & Ditch HomeAdvisor

Our schedule us full for the next two months!

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An arborist challenged us to find a way to generate more leads on their website so that they can ditch HomeAdvisor. There are multiple problems with HomeAdvisor's lead generation service, but bottom line is that the quality of leads was not very good and they had to share these leads with other competitors. Our assignment was to get better leads, which our client could own.

Our Approach

We knew that if we wanted to get rid of HomeAdvisor, the best place to start would be to cut them off at the source: Google searches. Our 3-Step plan was to 1) find the most valuable keywords, 2) drive qualified traffic from Google and 3) make it as simple as possible for people to sign up for a free estimate. Here’s how we did it!

1. Find out who to target (or as we like to say: which pond to fish in)

In order to drive qualified traffic to our clients website, we had to find out what they are actually searching for. Sometimes the way a customer will describe a need will be different than the way a professional would describe it. Example: Which term do you think is more popular: “Tree Removal” or “Tree Service”? Drumroll.. and the winner is.. “Tree Service”! In fact, in our particular example “tree service” is searched for almost twice as often as “tree removal”. This was important information to have, because it allowed us to optimize our ads and SEO work to support these keywords. Find more examples of real data for the area of Seattle below.


2. Design & Develop Ad Campaign

Based on the keywords we designed ads to appear on Google for the keywords we had identified. Each ad is slightly different and caters to different search terms. All of these ads immediately take leads to a simple form, which allows people to very quickly connect with our client. See a few examples below.

3. Launch Tree Service Request Form

We developed a request form, which is optimized for people in need of tree service. It allows them to upload a picture of their tree, which makes it much easier for them to describe the service needed as also much easier for our client to understand what is being requested. A lead could easily fill out the form from their smartphone or call our client with the tap of a button.


What our client says

“Our calendar is filled up for the next 2 months thanks to what you guys are doing. It’s also super helpful to have the pictures in advance via email in order to get an idea of what our customers need before we arrive.” -- Johnny M. (Co-Owner of Family Tree Care)

Order Free Arborist Starter Package