Fantastic Digital

About Us



We are a group of marketing technologists, who explore and find ways to use new technology to increase sales for small and medium size businesses. We believe you don’t have to be a major cooperation to take advantage of state of the art technology in marketing. Our team has worked in the area of digital for over 18 years and have built and optimized thousands of webpages for clients in manufacturing, retail, service and non-for-profit sectors.


We believe a converting website is only one third of a successful digital strategy. The other two-thirds are traffic & traffic! We work relentlessly in ensuring our clients’ websites appears at the top of Google (SEO) for those, who are already searching for you. Additionally, we use hyper-targeting for those customers, who are NOT actively looking for your products, but who could be interested based on their persona and purchase & web browsing behavior.


We’re located about 30 miles south of the beautiful city of Seattle. We serve clients globally in various timezones. Seattle is a great city to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technologies, but most importantly we’re the self proclaimed coffee capital of the world. If you are ever in town, allow us to take you out for cup!